Monday, November 26, 2007

Two mysterious things...

Two mysterious things showed up on my doorstep today. One was a half dozen chocolate chip cookies and the other was a DVD (Dora) for DD (dear daughter) since she has been sick. She is currently watching it right now.

Today: Another day another trip to the Drs. office at 5:50pm to be exact. Well have you ever heard the words "Primary and Secondary?" I have in relation to education and I am well versed in those terms in the educational field. Not so much in the medical field. I get that a person can get pneumonia after they have been sick for a while, that is called a secondary infection. However A. had Primary Pneumonia and then we think she had Viral Croup and then, as of today, we think that she now has a secondary infection to the croup, which could be one of many. She is now going to start on Zithromax, which will cover many of the possible secondary infections. (However Z. does not cover the viral croup, because as we all know antibiotics won't cover viral illnesses). She has already been on Omnicef for the pneumonia but the two antibiotics cover different types of infections (as per how the Dr. explained it to us). BTW (by the way) I love her office, I love all the docs there, we saw a great doc. tonight his name is Dr. Tuite. This office has been great for us and all of our many needs, I have called them many times over the past week. Last night I was up with her from 3am-5:30am at which time we moved to the recliner and she fell asleep on me until 11:20am. She sleeps much better sitting up. Her lungs have not cleared up and if they don't clear up within the next two days and being on the Zithromax then it is going to be more tests and drs. visits. But I am optimistic and hoping the the Z. will do the trick.

ME: I am fried right now, but I am doing OK, I feel good about the visit and that we have two medicines they gave us to give to her tonight, one of which is a cough medicine prescription with some heavy duty stuff which will help her sleep-Thank God! We all need more sleep. She is waking up scared and then playing and afraid to go back to sleep because of the cough and quite frankly I don't blame her. BTW my heart goes out to people who take care of their sick loved ones day in and day out, it is so draining. I had that one peaceful moment yesterday where I was able to work on the polymer clay barette - boy did I need that little bit of time to myself, what a difference it made for me. Even though I was still tired I was refreshed in another sense.

John: First day back to work after his glorious vacation and he met us at the drs. office at 5:50 and then went to Wegman's to fill the prescriptions it is now 7:34pm and he is not home yet.

Ashley is watching her new Dora CD - what a great gift Thanks Paula and Thanks Dena for the Chocolate Chippers! :-)

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