Friday, December 23, 2011

Hot Cocoa In A Bag - Last Minute Gifty- Tutorial

If you need a super EASY gift for teachers, friends, neighbors etc. The Hot Cocoa in a bag is for you. It does require one hardship though, going to the supermarket at a very busy time of year. So here is the tutorial for you...
Materials Needed:
  1. Frosting Piping Bags 12in (12 to a package) Wilton found at JoAnn Fabrics
  2. Holiday Twist Ties (Found in Candy Making Section)
  3. Mini Marshmallows One Bag (makes 12 bags)
  4. Mini Chocolate Chips (Bulk Section of your supermarket) 6 large scoops
  5. Spice Drops 12 in Green and Red or whatever color you wish (one scoop in bulk section)
  6. Large Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Container in the Hot Cocoa isle of your supermarket
  7. To & From Label stickers (optional)

First take the piping bag and fold it over about 3-4 inches. This helps prevent hot cocoa dust to get on your marshmallows.
Put a 1/2 cup of hot cocoa mix in the bag. Plus a bit extra if you wish. I actually did two 1/4 c. plus a little. It doesn't have to be perfect.
Add approximately 1/4 c. of chips. Or more, just for fun.

Add a generous amount of mini marshmallows 1/2 cup.

 Add a green, red, or whatever color gum drop on the top (just for fun and color). Give it a good twist, your marshmallows will smoosh a bit but that is ok. Some of the Internet instructions call for a clear rubber band, I just used twist ties on mine and they were fine. Add your twist tie and you are DONE!!! You can add stickers or To:/From: labels if you like.

Reindeer Girl :-). She will take these to school to give out to the principal, VP, secretaries, special area teachers and so on. I like this whole idea because it helps to teach my 6 year old how to give. I hope to raise a child whom is both a good giver and receiver!
Our final stash looked like this. And yes she did have to take them ALL to school and pass all of them out!


Rita said...

This is so simple, with a good value behind it. Granted my kids are 11 & 14, but I gave them the choice for teacher gifts this year. They both opted out, but I'm thinking now, I should've encouraged it a bit more! Way to go, Laura!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rita!
I may have given her too many people to gift too, she said she had to hurry along at school. Outside of school she doesn't have many people to give too, so hopefully this helped. It truly was so last minute on my part. We did it the night before her last day!
:-) Laura
PS They actually make 4 cups of hot cocoa!


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