Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Sale...

On Saturday I will be selling my wares all day at the UMC in Webster from 9-3pm. Stop by to see me and pick up some handmade Holiday gifts. Ashley seems to be on the mend. Today I spoke to my neighbor friend Amanda (who just so happens to be - you guessed it a Pediatrician!!!!!) We are sooooo lucky to know Amanda!!!! She made me feel better about what is going on with Ashley, basically she is going to be coughing for a good long while and that is OK. As long as no fever comes back. I love Drs. they quote research, very cool! :-)

By the way if you saw my post on the identity theft, I did get one more CD in the mail, but this time I didn't open it, put it right back in the mail box with the note "Refused, Return to Sender." on it. I did get another Entertainment Weekly magazine, I'd like to pretend that someone just LOVES me enough to go out and buy me a gift right, well that would be in my ideal world, plus if they really knew me then they would of gotten me the "Taste of Home" magazine instead, or "Art Jewelry". Also the Enfamil has already been spoken for! Barb - more coupons came in the mail again today, I will save them for you. I'm still thinking about that Alisson Krauss CD - I'll have to put that on my Christmas wish list - hint, hint.

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