Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Put a Man on the Job....

John: I called John as he was heading home from work to ask him to pick up some frozen juice concentrate because we usually don't have that in our freezer. The nurse at Ashley's office suggested we get this to help the medicine go down, since the syrup is sweet and cold. If it had been me I probably would have picked up one or two cans. This picture doesn't include the one that is on our fridge. :-)

Ashley: Has already gone through the whole bottle of Zithromax in two days. This is NOT GOOD for a few reasons:

  • one - we weren't able to get her to swallow it down on two occasions and we wasted some in a cup of juice (it tastes nasty and leaves a nasty aftertaste in your mouth, I tried some) we tried everything, force feeding which we were unsuccessful both times she spit it out, thus wasting it.

  • two - there was an issue at the Pharmacy last night, they had to call her office to confirm her dosing because the dr. put her on the dosing for a 40lb child and she is only 30lbs. Well the dr. meant to do that because of all of her issues lately. So now we call for more the Pharmacy will think we are crazy, plus insurance won't cover the next batch

  • How did we end up getting it down her you ask? Well the first dose yesterday about half went in her, however if you have ever been on the Z-pack the adult form of this med. you know that you take two pills at first, then one a day following until you finish the pack. This is the same with A's, only hers is in liquid form. So what did we do you ask? We called the dr. and spoke to the nurse and she had us give her a somewhat elevated dose today and tomorrow we will continue on the same dosing schedule. The nurse suggested a few things to mix the med with the frozen concentrate. This kinda sorta worked, she drank about half. Then the nurse said for me to wrap some presents and put them in a basket and reward her if she drinks it. Well before I even got back upstairs with the wrapped presents John had her finish it because he told her the presents were coming. This also worked for the cough syrup later in the night too.

Laura: I worked today. Part of me felt good to get back out into that adult world again today. Plus I knew that Ashley was in good hands with my mother (she didn't go to daycare today). I did three student teacher observations today, one in Greece and the other two in the city. Here is what is on my mind today: If you make a school look like a cage, then do the students in it get treated like they are in a cage? Food for thought, but this one particular school I go to has caged lights and iron that you walk under that looks like a guillotine, the front of the school isn't all that attractive either as one classroom has crooked posters hanging on the windows from the outside and crooked blinds. I just can't imagine being a student and going there everyday. It is just sad. I understand why lights need to be caged in a city, in case of vandals. I get that. I just can't help but wonder what could be done to make an elementary school more inviting for young children ages K-5. I go from a suburban school that actually houses many needy/underprivileged children, and then see the city school. The difference is the suburban school has a neat, clean atmosphere and the city school has more of a dinghy atmosphere, however they both serve the same population of children, underprivileged. Don't get me wrong the inside of this school gets better, the teachers have inviting rooms and colorful artwork is posted on the walls and there is even a greenhouse type idea under a stairwell to make it look much nicer. It just seems that things that wouldn't be put up with in a suburban school are accepted in a city school and I don't think that should be the case.

Is the title of my blog confusing? This has been mostly about sick A. but I do have good intentions of when we get through this to show you all the great, creative stuff John and I work on making.

Remember I mentioned my partial identity theft, well, here is a partial list of what I have been receiving in the mail lately...

  • Ebony magazine subscription

  • Entertainment Magazine

  • Video Professor - Excel

  • 7 CDs from youmusic.com (I sent them back, but I really wanted to keep the Allison Krauss one)

  • John got Enfamil, with coupons, so if any of my pregnant/new baby friends would like the coupons and formula let us know and we will give it to you.

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