Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Topiary Tutorial

As promised (a few posts ago) here is the tutorial on how to make a Valentine Topiary.

Materials You Will Need:
1 Foam Ball
1 Circle Foam Piece (for bottom of pot)
Metal Pail
2 packages Mini Muffin Cups
1 small dowel rod
1 stamp pad pink or red to match your pot OR acrylic paint
Decorative Gift Filler (white)
Hot Glue Gun
Valentine Candy Hearts with sayings
 This is the piece that I used to put into the bottom of the pot. It came with the double stick square tape, just peel it and stick it on the bottom, then push it into the bottom of the pail.
 Like so, I unwrapped the plastic first of course.
Unwrap your mini muffin cup and you can use these 2 ways. You can either put the color facing out or facing in. I did it both ways on mine to add interest.
 Use the end of a new pencil that hasn't been sharpened yet, wrap as shown.
 Then add hot glue to the bottom (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!!!!)
Then push it into the foam ball. Keep doing this until you fill up the whole ball, be sure to insert your dowel rod onto the bottom of the ball, it helps to know where your bottom is. :-)
Put some stones in for weight! Stamp or paint your dowel rod. When it drys hot glue it into the bottom part and the ball part, hot glue will make it stronger.

Hot glue on the rod three heart sayings. Add the white decorative filler and sprinkle some hearts on top of it. You could also add ribbon to the dowel too. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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