Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ashley update

Ashley: She still has a temperature today, however the cough is breaking up better. However the temp is still high and she has been running a temp since Wednesday, so this is the fifth day. I called the Drs. again today and she may need to be seen again tomorrow, because this long of a temp could indicate a secondary infection such as guess what? pneumonia/or an ear infection. She is no longer on antibiotics because we were done with those on Thursday night. Ashley has mentioned once or twice that her ear hurts but when I ask her about it then she says it doesn't hurt anymore. Her cough wasn't as bad last night, she seems to be turning the corner with the cough but not the fever. The fever was 101.5 earlier today. The nurse I spoke with today said that it may lead to a secondary infection such as an ear infection

Me: I was up last night from 2-4am. I told John that she is turning us into nocturnal animals. We were up from 2-4 because she was WIDE awake, remember that glorious nap I told you she took yesterday, well we are wondering if it affected her night too. I tried to lay down with her and she was touching my eyeballs, face etc. This also cracks me up, she was playing with the Croup Phamplet that the dr. gave us - how ironic :-). Oh and lets not forget the fact that she decided to poop in there too.
John: Today is the last day of his vacation. :-(

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