Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rough Night

Well, last night was our roughest night yet. You would have never guessed that Ashley had a steroid drink and the Robitussin that the Dr. recommended. Nothing gave relief last night, not the steam in the bathroom, not the outside air AND to make matters worse her cough sounded worse and she has a wheezing sound when she breathes in (sounds like gasping for air type sound). John and I took turns sitting up with her because everytime we tried to lay her down it got worse, John did more than half the night and I did the 4am-8:30am shift. Now she is playing and she won't take a nap because this kid doesn't nap anymore, it is a bit crazy, you would think she would crash from lack of sleep. I have been in touch with her Drs. again today and they said if we have the same night tonight that she needs to be seen again tomorrow. It is nice that they have weekend hours. My wonderful mother is coming over later to relieve us. I am so tired.

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