Monday, May 29, 2006

First Time in Pool

Ashley is sporting her new swim suit! First time in a pool.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sandbox Fun

A little Cross Eyed!
Daddy will you help me make a mountain!:-) John is a great Daddy!!!

Mother's Day May 14th 2006

Today Ashley romped around in her new sand box for the first time. Daddy was quite the help building her a mountain and everything! She really liked it! I am happy to have something that will help keep her busy this spring and summer! You will also see another picture of what our back patio now looks like. The Little Tikes toys are great for her age but are quite expensive. We have three signed out from our Toy Resource Library and we can have them for six weeks. She loves the car!!! She gets in and out by herself and shuts the door too. The tool bench Daddy found at a garage sale for ten bucks! They run around $75.00.
Ashley's current words are: Mommy, Daddy, Hi (she loves saying Hi, Doggie, Ball, Nana, cracker, cheese, all done, and more. I can't think of them all right now. I'll ask John and get back to you on that one. Lately she has been doing the sign for more too. She also says drink and juice.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hello Everyone,

My sister in law Mel has inspired me to set up a blog. It is a neat way to share pictures with everyone. In addition I can share a little about what is going on with our family. This is a photo of Miss Ashley as a one year old. It happens to be one of my most recent favorites.

Ashley is currently 15 months old. She has been walking since she was 11 months old. Basically since January she has been walking. John and I ejoy every little new development. It really is different when they are your own. Ashley is speaking and using a lot of words. I am impressed! Today John winked at her with one eye and she did a one eye wink back. She is not even a year and a half old yet! We purchased her a sandbox and she is not too sure what to think of the sand. She went in it for the first time today. One of Ashley's favorite past times is to do "Boom Boom" time with Daddy. This is a picture of what John and I call Dance Party. We started this with her at 6 months if not earlier and every Sunday we used to have a dance party where we turn up the music on our player and dance. However this has turned into an almost nightly dance party now. The other night I had to leave to go to a meeting and Ashley was looking nervous, well as soon as Daddy said "Let's go Boom Boom", as Ashley calls it. She was running over to our stereo. Thank you Daddy for saving me.


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