Monday, July 28, 2008

carpal tunnel surgery...

had surgery on Fri. kinda hard to type one handed, lots to say however a bit disabled right now...check back soon---typed with left hand :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Built By Wendy 3835

Here is my version of the Built By Wendy Simplicity Pattern #3835. This is my second attempt. My first attempt isn't finished just yet, due to the fact that I found I had to go up 3 WHOLE sizes from what I usually wear, definitely if you are thinking of making this go by the MEASUREMENTS on the pattern and NOT by the size you normally wear. I've made two more since this one and also worked more on the first one. I really like the print on this one and how it turned out. While it does fit me the elastic on the neck I may have made too tight because the shirt feels like it is riding up towards my neck. Also while the elastic in the sleeves is VERY cute on this pattern, it drives me NUTS on my arms. I am not used to elastic on my arms. When I post the pictures of the other two, you will see that I left the elastic out.
I've also learned that with this pattern, the back calls to be cut out of TWO pieces, this is because of the other two dresses that you can make with the pattern call for an inserted zipper. SO I looked online and you CAN cut the back out on the fold which made more sense to me. SO I will do that next time. The pattern doesn't seem to explain that anywhere, unless I missed something. I now have three completed Built By Wendy shirts. I will post pics of the others for you too. I will probably give this one away. The first one is already going to a skinny winny lady in my book club who happened to be at my house when I was making it and I had her try it on. This one may go to another lady in my book club. Any takers? The print.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey Now, Hey Now, Oiko, Oiko....

My car: I wish I had some exciting news for you like I got the VW Beetle with convertible option. However it just isn't that exciting, I got the current car I own. Yup, told ya not that exciting. After looking at many options, it wasn't clear until we did the research on our own that our best bet would be to buy the lease outright, plus we know how the car has been driven etc.Of COURSE the sales people do not mention that a buy out may be your best/cheapest option!

My surgery is one week from today. I will be having carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand and yes I am right handed. I am suppose to have my left hand done too at some point. It is same day surgery in and out. I get to get some good drugs though. I can't drive myself home because it would be considered a DUI in NYS. So I need a ride, any volunteers? I am especially looking to travel in a VW Beetle Bug. JUST Kidding, DH will be available for that, well not in a Bug but in the "Family Truckster".

Sunday, July 13, 2008

SUNY Potsdam, Reunion Weekend

I HAD A BLAST!!!! Even with a three year old in tow, it was SO much fun! We stayed in the dorm room for two nights and I saw a bunch of people I knew in college, some look the same and some look very different. A lot of people were VERY SHOCKED to see me! I loved the looks on their faces - too funny. So I will post some pics soon. I also went to a used book store and bought two sewing books, one is just to die for! More later!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bandana Checkers...

Here are the bandana checker boards that the kids made in my JoAnn's class.
One very creative little girl sculpted a little girl.
With pony tail and all!
A set of checkers.
If you'd like to make these the directions are on
Note: I may be away from my blog for a bit due to the fact that my Alumni Reunion Weekend it coming up. I am taking J and A with me. We will be sleeping in the dorm rooms, with no AC now don't you just envy us??? I am really looking forward to the whole weekend though. It should be a really good time. We will be in the North Country, Potsdam, New York.

Friday, July 04, 2008

More Morgan...

My DD trying to turn the ships wheel.
OK the cool thing about this is that one of the captain's wives had this bed built special so that it would always be level!!! I did not know until this trip that the wives sometimes traveled on the whaling expeditions, which were known to go on for a long time.
Here is a pic. of the ship in the background and the whaler boat getting a whale, below are the tools to use to get the whale...
And last but not least, J. and A. sitting in a whaler boat, could you even imagine trying to kill a whale in one of these????
OK thanks for bearing with me on my Morgan photos, I just think it is so cool! I'll try to make the next post more crafty. :-)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Morgan...

Click on any of the photos to get an up close and person view, it really is quite impressive. This is the Charles W. Morgan that sits in the Mystic Seaport Harbor.

Now for those of you who don't know much about whaling and why would you, this is a whaling SHIP, however it doesn't go after and kill whales, see that little boat hanging from the side up there! THAT is what they would use to go after the whales in.
WHO has the glue gun?????? WHO is getting more into the boat building process??????
HER very first wooden boat!!! Well maybe....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back from Mystic Conn.

Right before we left a package came in the mail from Ashley's Nana!
I took a ton of photos about the ship the Charles W. Morgan, one because I have an interest and two for my Book Club since I picked a book by Nataniel Philbrick called In The Heart of The Sea, he also wrote The Mayflower.
This ship also refeered to as "The Morgan" is the ONLY whaling ship left today.
In the 80's as if you couldn't figure that one out from the dress, they started to restore The Morgan. Today she sits at Mystic Seaport. I have a ton more pics of when I was on her too. In November they will actually be lifting the whole ship out of the water to restore the hull. I told John I wish we could see them do that.
This weather vane just spoke to me!!!!!


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