Friday, November 23, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman....

I believe my daughter has croup. From the pictures she doesn't really look sick, now does she? She made it through the day fine and it is now 12:47 am and we have been up twice and in the hot steamy bathroom. She is still coughing. It is such a horrible sounding cough, my heart goes out to her. It is looking like another call to the drs. in the am and we will see if her dr. wants to see her again, which I am guessing most likely since that is what she mentioned two days ago, and on the heels of pnemonia and an abnormal WBC (white blood count) it seams the smartest thing to do is get this kid seen again. She does good during the day, we made it to my Mom's house for Turkey day and so did the rest of the family which was also questionable. Luckily we all made it and it was a nice time. Thanks MOM! Ashley's color is still off, that bothers me, I look at her and I just know that that is not my kid (normal and healthy). She is very pale. Oh and it also doesn't help that she now has a big huge bruise on her cheek from falling and hitting the edge of the bathtub the other day. She looks like a big bruiser :-). Here is a picture of John's meal,
I know that was random, but I am thankful for the nice meal, and there is something to be said for tradition and routine, I am glad we didn't miss Thanksgiving with the whole famn damily as John and I like to joke.
Oh and also people wonder where I get it from, meaning my crafty/decorative side, ya know I just thought that was normal and everyone did this until I got a bit older and realized that some are craftier than others. Anyway these are in my mothers house and two out of the three arrangements she made! Go Garden Club. Plus the one with the pilgrims cracked me up because when we sat down to eat dinner I noticed that the Pilgrims were facing a different way, watching us all eat. I started laughing and asked my Mom who did that and she said she did it with Ashley, how cute and adorable and what a great Grandma :-).

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