Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Festivities.....

On Thursday night I had thrown myself a birthday party. I had some girlfriends come over and we did a make up make over with my friend whom does Mary Kay. Then we went to my favorite restaurant of all time Proietti's. Then we came back to my house to sit in my hot tub.

My before shot above which I kinda like, it is hard for me to smile without teeth! :-) Below is my after shot. I went for the "Dramatic" makeup look. It is definitely a bit more than I would ever do but it was fun. Everyone looked really good!!!

Here is a picture of all of us! Look at those fabulous faces! That is me bottom right. The girls surprised me with paying for my dinner!!!!
OK something happened when we got to the restaurant but NO I wasn't parked illegally it just looked like it.

Then last night I went out with the girls again, we saw Mama Mia and closed down Starbucks. I thought Mama Mia the movie was good, however I also saw the show in Toronto which I LOVED!

I also went to Starbucks last Tuesday night with my book club and closed down Starbucks. So I got to get out THREE times in one week with the girls!!!! Wahooo.

Tomorrow is my real birthday and we are going to our land. It has definitely been a great Birthday week. Thanks for all of my cards and well wishes. Stac you get the award for the funniest card!

Plus I got a KICKIN' B-DAY present from Dear Hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned and I will tell you more in an upcoming blogpost.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick FYI...

My free GPS came in the mail the next day. I was impressed. It is nice and fun to play with too. I want to go to all of the Mexican Restaurants in the area that it lists. That would be fun.

Monday, August 25, 2008


It's in the mail folks..... This was in my email today:
Dear Laura, Your Discover Card has been activated and your Garmin Nuvi 200 was shipped on 08/25/2008. Your package will be shipped by Amazon, via UPS under the company name Credit Offers Network.

How cool is that????? :-)

I had some skeptics out there, that I could apply for a credit card, get it approved, use it and then get a free GPS. Well it worked! It said to wait 6-10 weeks and I did. 6 weeks to the date, I got this email. If you are interested go to
This is the link I used and it worked, you just have to be patient.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sheriff encounter...

I bonked heads with a Sheriff today! I am not kidding, it is true, this really happened. Now you are probably wondering how, no I wasn't pulled over (I've never been pulled over in my entire life!) I stopped at a Fire Department for a free Car Seat Safety Check. Two Sheriff's were working with me and filled out paper work, they made sure the seat wasn't recalled or expired. I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I was secretly hoping they would give me a new one for free, they were giving free ones away. That didn't happen, when A. gains five more pounds I have to get her a different one. So they made me install the seat after they showed me how. And they were both in the back seat and the one was leaning way in the car and when I leaned forward our heads bonked! Ow! A.wasn't with me so they gave me a doll about her size. Then a third Sheriff came and inspected the seat and said I did a really good job. Well I had the hurt head Sheriff help since my right hand is still gaining strength back. :-)

Have a nice weekend everyone. We are not going to our land so it will be an "at home" weekend for me. I will be going to preview day at JOAnns tomorrow, the classes are on sale this weekend! 25% off.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I was wondering what I was going to be able to do crafty wise after my CT surgery. Well one part was necessity since I taught my Jewelry 101 class at JoAnns, and the other part was wanting to give a gift to a friend. So jewelry making it is. I am also jumpstarting my Etsy Shop over there on the right. So here it is one of my first bracelets since my surgery...
Need a gift for under ten dollars??

OK I suppose I'll share his latest with you.
This latest project is a Semi-Hollowbody guitar. It has a solid block of maple in the middle running from the neck to 3/4 of the length. The rest of the body is hollow. It's curly maple with blue dye that is fade to dark blue on the edges. It's finished with 5 coats of Nitrocellulose lacquer (So far). It still needs to be sanded, and buffed to get that 3d gloss for the maple. It has to dry 3 weeks before I can do that.
The electronics get installed through the "F" holes in the front. I have to pre-wire everything and fish them through. Without dinging the finish. Should be interesting. The hardware will all be gold color, including the frets.
This was a fun project, it took longer to build then the solid body guitars.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Party Pics...

A. with the pink sparkly guitar her Dad made for her.
A. waiting to put her new fish in, note the pink gravel. :-)
Introducing Collotta a SHE fish but we call her a HIM. DD made the name Collotta up. DD with her new guitar, with pink sparkles.
Playing some tunes! When she opened the amplifier she said "Daddy, it must be for you!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pseudo Birthday Party...

Today we are having a sort of half birthday party for my daughter. We wanted to present her with the guitar that my husband built and finished. So we are having a party with presents, most aren't wrapped though. Plus she has a new outfit on, plus she got a goldfish!!! It is a special day for my wee one! Can't wait to post some photos. In the meantime though I put new flickr photos on my account. I got an early birthday present from DH, a flickr pro account. So I am no longer out of room. So if you click on the flickr slide show at the right of this page you can see a ton of other photos I recently uploaded.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Falling asleep....

Originally uploaded by craftyfamilyblog
"Mom, I love my box but gee these garage sales are wearing me out."

Friday, August 08, 2008

one new hand, one to go...

I have use of my hand back!!!!! I got my stitches out yesterday! She told me to not fall on it. Well I wasn't planning a fall on it. Anyway I want to get back into crafting something but I don't know what. The wrist was stabilized for two weeks and I can finally move it so it is still a bit weak right now. I can drive again too, which is soooo nice! I need to think of what craft I can do that won't kill my hand. I measured my incision with my measuring tape, it is exactly an inch and three quarters, it is on the bottom of my palm.


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