Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dr. Ashley

Well, I worked all day today and John is on vacation so he took care of Ashley all day today, however she wasn't feeling well, which is interesting since she is on day 10 of her antibiotics, right, well, we took her to a very late appointment at her docs office tonight and well, lets just say for now that she was still running a temp and they took a WBC count and it was on the high end of normal, kinda baffling the doctor, since she has been on a very good antibiotic. Anyway I guess she has some sort of bacterial infection. Our doc. is even having another doc. call us tomorow on Thanksgiving Day to check in with us on how Ashley is doing. She may see her on Friday depending on how she is doing, we are to stretch out her antibiotics three more days. This is besides the point but I organzed with my book club to go shopping on black friday, I organized this whole thing, with lunch at my house afterwards and it isn't looking good at this point. Well I am now sitting here and listening to her coughing in bed constantly at 10:12pm - the poor kid! It sounds like whooping cough, croup to me. And I am just waiting for her to throw up, this is kinda like dejavu from two weeks ago - with the exception that now I know what to look for and hope not to see the high fever again and have to call 911 and go in an ambulance to Strong, however the rate we are going it wouldn't surprised me if we ended up back at Strong. I did inform the doc. that we need to get her better by Christmas since we are flying to Nanas!!!! We are all looking forward to getting out of dodge so to speak. I can't believe there is a winter storm warning tomorrow all day - Turkey Day, gobble, gobble, Happy Thanksgiving, we are hoping to still go to my Mom's house but we will see, my mom is so sweet to offer to bring it to us. I was really looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephew, however I don't want Ashley to get them sick either. We'll see how she is tomorrow, we'll keep pumping her full of motrin and mucinex as doc. suggested.

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