Monday, September 29, 2008


DH is watching Heroes right now, and I am blogging while watching too. However I am going to let you in on a little secret I am not a sci. fi. kinda gal. It is hard for me to watch it seriously. OK guy with flame thrower hands robs a bank, ummm yah ok. It is hard for me to not bust out laughing. My brain has trouble wrapping itself around people with science fiction abilities. Ok now we have guy with crossed eyes, not sure what that was all about. Now the bad guys are beating each other up. Now two guys are playing FBI agents. One needs coffee......

Friday, September 26, 2008

Making Something for Moi....

I found this material at JoAnn's and it is a microsuede material, I was able to get it on sale at 30 or 40 percent off per yard. I love the material and the look. If you look in the photo below it reminds me of a Skinner Blend - a term we use in the Polymer Clay world for when colors blend into each other. I started to make a Built By Wendy shirt, since I am comfortable with that pattern I didn't want to try anything new with this nice fabric, so I will have a short sleeve fall shirt. Which would have been perfect for this first week of fall in NY. But it is not done yet the neck seem line I made the casing a bit too small for my elastic....SOOOO seem ripper here you come. I like sewing on the thicker fabric - ALOT but wasn't prepared for the neckline area. It will be interesting to see how the thicker fabric gathers at the neckline. Skinner like blend picture

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Adjusting to a new schedule....

A. on her first day of preschool. 1-2-3- PICKLES She came up with that and thought that it was the funniest thing in the world!

At Playdough station at preschool.
John has finished his blue guitar, at least someone is getting some crafting done around here! As for me, it has been about adjusting to our new busy schedule with A. going to daycare two days a week and preschool two days a week. I am waiting for the substitute teaching to kick in, haven't had a job yet. I suppose it is too early in the school year.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Plate....

Ok so in real life the hair covers the ears......It was A's idea to do the cheeks. Tomorrow is the first day for both of us, I am an aide in the room on the first day. I get to see all the kiddos in their cute little first day clothes!
Gift from Nana in the mail,,,it's a boat to build and paint with DAD!!!
You can do it Dad!
Camp Abbett, last weekend we had some friends out to our land. Balloons are no fail entertainment for the kids! in the background above that is our outhouse that we built. Below two cutie pies. In both you can see our fenced in garden which has pumpkins growing in it. By the way you wouldn't know it by looking at this picture but A got stung by 7 yellow jackets just a few hours earlier than this. Luckily we avoided the hospital and I had Children's Benadryl in the camper.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September in "High Gear"....

Wow whenever I realize I haven't posted in almost a whole week it always astonishes me how time really does go by so fast. I knew September would bring me to kick it in to high gear, however we were thrown some curve balls this week. The week got off to a rough start but now all is better. So with that said I will fill you in on the fact that I have finished A.'s first hat off of the knitting loom. She loves it! I will post a pic as soon as I find my camera and unload the memory card which is currently full. A is preparing to go to my alma mater pre-school, I am SO proud of her - he he he he. We are excited her first day is next week. It is a cooperative preschool so that means two things one I will be working frequently in her classroom and that also reduces the cost of tuition. She has homework to decorate a plate to look like her face - OK I am ALL over that one!!! Also next week my MOPS group is starting up too, we will be doing Shrinky Dink name tags which the MOPS magazine suggests that we do. Nikki over at WhiMSY LOVE did the same with her MOPS group and her site helped me in planning. This week was a little more serious than last week's birthday week, so I've changed my sidebar music some to reflect this week. OH I am teaching at my clay guild this Saturday too. Plus my Etsy shop is now empty, I AM VERY happy that someone bought my one and only bracelet but I have to kick it into high gear now with my inventory! Especially if I am going to do my regular list of fall craft shows as well!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Knit One, Pearl...

Uh, I mean loom two (he he). A friend of mine from my MOPS group gave me a knitting loom for a birthday present and I LOVE it. I LOVE this thing. Does my friend Wendy have my NUMBER or what!? OK here are a few great things, I can take it to my daughters drs., the museum etc. and knit and watch her at the same time, it is great. I just got it yesterday and I got a ton done already. I am making Ashley a hat. I don't totally know what I am doing yet but I will figure it out as I go.


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