Monday, April 23, 2012

Gone Country/ Road Kill

View From the New House

So I am a few weeks into my new Country Home and the time has FLOWN by. So I guess I have officially been inducted into country living as I hit some sort of furry animal on the road the other day. I believe it was a ground hog. I wish I could tell you that I hit it on some back country road but I would be lying. I actually hit it on a State Route 104. I was going about 60 MPH along with a bunch of other cars going the same way in a two lane highway. There wasn't much I could do, I swerved a little but couldn't avoid it and then the lady in the car behind me also swerved. Obviously I don't like to kill animals, I am a vegetarian after all, but it does happen. I'v been warned about the deer on my road. I've seen deer three times now in my yard and side yard. Apparently in these parts, many get hit by cars on the road I live on.


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