Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Well here we are Friday am and I have had some frustration this morning, and no it wasn't because I couldn't go shopping on Black Friday. I am frustrated because my daughter is still very sick. She has a temp of 102.7 this morning. UGH!!! Let's recap, she is on a broad coverage antibiotic, mommy thinks she has croup based on the past two nights (we had another episode last night), she is on the heels of pneumonia and her WBC was high. So what do we do, well we call doc and get her another appointment to be seen today. She will see her doc. again today. If this is viral that's fine, I just need to know that I can move on but with all of the other stuff she has had going on it is hard to say. Ashley informed me that she needed cough medicine this morning, however she really needed motrin to get the fever down. She is in the tub now with John, luke warm water is good to help get the fever down. She also declared that she wanted to go play in the snow and put her snow pants on, hmmmm.... not to sure about this, this goes along with what I said in the other post about having a sick toddler, they are still a toddler. I have to take the time to pat myself on the back, her croup espisodes - I know everything to do

  • first take child to bathroom, close door, turn on hot shower and steam up room, sit with child in lap for 1/2 hour (this worked ok but not great last night)
  • Next take child to room, put in bed and open window (outside air is great for croup, this worked even better and she was able to get some sleep)
  • Lastly crank up the cool mist humidifier and put as close to her bed as possible (this coupled with the outside air seemed to work really well for us last night)
  • Go to room next door and sleep on guest matress so you can hear child over the loud humidifier, try to get some sleep

I am getting good at this if I do say so myself. This blog is keeping me sane and hopefully keeping you informed of what is going on with Miss Little Ashley. Did I mention again how off her color is, she is so pale, it is rather bothersome. Did I also mention that my wonderful husband is on vacation, poor thing, this is his vacation and it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. Well I'll try to post later after the dr. appointment.

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