Monday, November 24, 2008

Fabric Card Tutorial

Holiday Cards made with fabric, tutorial:
My crafty chica friend Ramona, whose blog address is on the right side over there...came over to craft with me and we made fabric cards. She saw the idea at a craft show and figured out how to do it. So without further ado, she and I will share with you too...
Materials you will need:
Rotary cutter (optional),
Self healing cutting mat (optional),
Christmas material or any festive material you wish to use,
Heat and Bond fusible paper, (available at JoAnns)
Blank cards, (available at JoAnns)
An Iron
Step One: Cut out cute little pieces of fabric.
Step Two: Cut out the Heat and Bond fusible paper to match the back of the fabric - you want to be precise here, so that the paper doesn't stick to your iron.
Step Three: Take the fabric face up with the Heat and Bond on the bottom and stick your iron on it for TWO seconds (it doesn't take long!). IMPORTANT - In both iron steps you don't move your iron around you just hold it still.
Step Four: Peel off the back of the paper, you have now made what I like to think of as a "fabric sticker" and you are now ready to put it on a card.
Step Five: Then you iron it onto the card for about 10 seconds. Remember to hold the iron still.
Step Six: Go crazy embossing, decorating and embellishing :-)
Ramona made this one, the Snowflake in the middle is embossed.

I was having fun with some curvy fabric that I used my rotary cutter to cut out with. These are not yet finished, I plan to stamp and emboss some sayings on these as well.

Ramona made this one.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My "me time"

It has been an interesting week. I have been sick, DD has been sick and the snow has started to really fly!!!

Tonight I decided to head to the YMCA for some "me time". I wanted to do a light work out since I was down and out yesterday. So I arrive for my "me time" AND I find a FIVE YEAR OLD standing alone OUTSIDE the doors, saying "Mommy!!!" I look around and see a few people leaving but no one concerned about this little guy. He had tears in his eyes. I said to him, "Ok, buddy lets go back inside." Since the front desk is right there I took him over and told the lady I found him outside and Mom is not in sight. So we get his name, William and she looks him up on the computer and finds the pic of his Mom, so the lady was going to take William and go look for Mom and I said instead of taking him how bout I go look for her. So I studied her pic on computer screen and I went and found her. I explained that I found her son OUTSIDE (mind you it is 30 degrees and snowing here). She VERY NON CHALANTLY said "Oh, I thought he was playing right here." And then proceeds to walk to the front desk, SLOWLY. Oh boy, and mind you I have no idea where her six year old daughter was. Maybe she was playing in the right area. But she wasn't with us.

And to top that I heard a mom in Target say to her child,

Child Says: Mom this is only one dollar.
Mom: Stop reading! You might get smart by accident!!!!!!!!

Me thinking to self: WOW, WOW, WOW,

WHY ME????? :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Green Cleaning...

A long time ago I posted about this. I have an interest in green cleaning. I used to buy the Green Works and it is nice and works well, but when it ran out I decided to try my hand at green cleaning, so I bought a large bottle of white vinegar for just a few bucks. All you need is the white vinegar, an empty squirt bottle and water from your tap. To get started all you do is put in half water and half white vinegar a 1:1 ratio. And you have yourself an all purpose cleaner that will work on your kitchen table and counter tops. I have noticed that my counter tops look great, better than before I started using this. Plus it is saving me a ton of money on buying cleaning products. Here is a great site on using white vinegar as a cleaning agent:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My dear blog friends,

My dear blog friends,

It has been too long since my last post. Where does the time go? Honestly? I'll tell you my desktop computer has been dying a slow, death for the last six months or so, it has a virus or two, three or four, I don't know and yes that is with Virus protection software. Tonight I am blogging from my new laptop that I got a few months ago for my birthday. It is great. However we are still working on migrating EVERYTHING from old computer and trying to do so, in a manner that doesn't get the new laptop infected. My poor dear hubby the last thing he wanted to do tonight is work on my computer problems, but he did, I guess he loves me :-).

I do plan on celebrating my one year of serious blogging, so gear up because I am going to do a giveaway~~~~~stay tuned........


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick or Treat weekend...

Miss A. wanted a scary face on her Jack 'O Lantern.
Miss A. as Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse Club House.
Crafty Note: My mom made the dress and we used some fabric that was on clearance at JoAnns. Plus I made the ears out of felt glued to a head band and my mom made the bow, I just fabric tacked it all to the head band.
Pictured here are Miss A's trick or treater friends, Word Girl and Dragon. Plus my friend was an M&M.
Minnie Mouse and Dragon, note Minnie's pink sparkly shoes!


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