Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tutorial Part 3

You end with a teeny tiny crimp bead photo above, below then add your closure finding, in this case I used a closed jump ring ( a jump ring that has been soldered closed here - you don't want an open jump ring here because it could come off).
Loop the wire back through the crimp bead and a few seed beads.
Pull tight.
Crimp and cut off excess wire.
Follow the tutorial again for the other side! Use the other end of your closure finding. OK now did I make it look easy? He he, well if you must know I restrung both sides twice and I am still not happy with it, I am going to restring it again - why you ask? because I want a magnetic closure instead of a lobster claw clasp and closed jump ring because I can't get it on my wrist by myself and it is a bit loose on my wrist and the watch part falls down, so I want to get it a bit more snug. I am almost there - trial and error you know, that is what crafting is all about!!!

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