Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bottles of Hope

I covered the black and white bottles with a cane that our guild did, it was a Guild cane and everyone contributed a piece of cane that was then made into a large cane, then reduced and then sliced and everyone was given a piece to take home, I reduced mine even further.

These are interesting as the heat/air in the oven caused the lids to crack so that is now the top, I think they still came out neat.
I love the lid on this one!
For the longest time I have been wanting to post about Bottles of Hope (I was waiting till I could get a good picture of some of the ones I have done) Bottles of Hope is a program that our guild (WNYPCG) takes part in. We cover glass bottles and each bottle gets a small message inside. Then the bottles are taken to local hospitals where people get treated for cancer. They are given a bottle during their cancer treatment. We have also passed them out at the Breast Cancer walk two years ago.

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