Monday, April 14, 2008

Little of Home Decorating...

Today I have interesting things going on. One I have been working on a new line of beads in the Judy Picarello style, same as my blog header pic but different colors. I worked hard on the color mixing and I am loving how the colors are coming out. I'll post a pic. soon.

Secondly, ya know the Hawaiian punch episode I mentioned on the white rug? Well that has led to my DH insisting that we buy new carpet. So we did today and I am proud of myself, while watching two children I picked out a new carpet color/type in less than a half an hour. Now this is leading to us wanting to finish the hallway paint job that is now two years in the making and our bedroom which has been on the plan, so what to do, well call my dear ole Dad that's what, so he is coming over to help us get all this painting done, Thurs. PM - Well that means - YIKES I only have a day or two to pick a paint color for the bedroom! Luckily I had been thinking about this for a while now and already have swatches, that I promptly put up when we got home. Plus I am eyeing what another blogger did with her room and loving it.

Lastly I made a second sale on Etsy! Yahoo, I shipped two packages out today.

I haven't forgotten the purse pic. post. Also on my tutorial I realize it wasn't perfect but I tried and it is difficult to upload to blogger all the pics etc. in the order I wanted them, so that is why I had to do it in different posts, hope you didn't mind too much, Also I found a toggle clasp with two holes which will be perfect for the watch since it has two strings on each end. Got a deal at JoAnn's yesterday, they accidentally left a FIMO 50 percent off sign in front of the FIMO and it turns out that that was an old sign. I really thought is was on sale but it wasn't but they gave it to me since is was a sign error.

PS Someone from Kuala Lumpur looked at my blog - how cool is that!

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