Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chit, Chat

Last night was my MOPS meeting and we did the placemat purses, how fun!!! People are so funny when you put them around a sewing machine and they haven't had any previous experience. It is really not that hard, I think all of the ladies were happy with their purses! I plan on making more I have left overs and I want to sell some in the Etsy shop. There are three new items in the Etsy shop too, my mom's Mary Jane Baby Booties and her thumbless mittens and one of my polymer clay necklaces too, so be sure to check it out and remember that Mother's Day is coming up too!

I am thinking about going to my Alumni weekend at my college. Now get this they have housing for cheap in the dorms - that will be interesting with DH and DD. They even provide the linens for you - hmmmm, maybe I'll bring my own. Now why don't I stay in a hotel you ask, well were are talking about Potsdam, New York here folks and that doesn't leave a lot of options and I am sure the Clarkson Inn is booked up by now, plus it would be WAY out of my price range anyway! I did get to stay there for work tho. that was pretty nice!!!

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