Thursday, April 17, 2008

Builders White.....

We are the second owners of our home and our master bedroom is still in "Builders White" So it is time to paint, here are some choices I put up. I was originally thinking that I wanted the far right colors but now I am leaning to a middle of the three, I can never bring myself to go totally dark for some reason. The one on the top, DH picked and that is my least favorite.
We had a very tall and somewhat large armoire DH disassembled it before I could get a before pic. I have a great crafty idea to re-purpose the armoire as a sewing table/area in my office. I saw this done in a magazine recently.
A view into our bedroom, not very attractive and no art on the wall, well barely.
The two dressers I have had since I was sixteen years old and they went with me to all of my apartments, once we get out of the carpet debt, I'd like to get something new.
Another corner and my dresser, with post it notes and a fan on it, isn't that attractive~ ok, the post it notes may be a little over the top for some of you but it helped me organize my clothes!


Ramona said...

Hi Laura,
You've been busy! Must be psyched to be painting your bedroom. It's work but will look like a new room.
Sorry about the weight accident. That had to hurt.
Sold things on ETSY!!! Woo-hoo! I'll check out your site.
Am going to buy something to put my craft stuff in. These boxes are really driving me crazy.
Grace suggested some of use get together to plan meetings so people will know what to expect at guild. Will talk to you soon!!!

Laura said...

Hey You, I'm looking forward to our meeting with Grace. The room feels new and it is soooo good to be done with the remodeling too! Still working on the decorating tho.


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