Sunday, December 09, 2007

Poly Clay earth tones

Remember this barrette I made for a customer whom wanted earthy tones? Well don't worry she has the barrette in her hands, however this is the other one I made, and well I am falling in love with this color scheme, there is just something about it! There is one color that is mixed out of the four and that is the green color, the others were used straight from the packages.

Here is the recipe for this color scheme, I mixed Sea Green with Alizarin Crimson (not the Raw Sienna, I couldn't remember how I did it when I wrote the card and then I tried it).
I am using this sheet to cover salt and pepper shakers. I could see these going really well in a warm, earth toned kitchen with a warm wood cabinet color.
I am working on taking better pictures of my stuff. The lighting is tough to deal with.
The final four colors. I made more to extrude, that is how much I like this combination. Still to come pictures of my final projects made with these colors. The salt and pepper shakers are in the works.

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