Saturday, December 08, 2007

Laura's Jobs Explained

A lot of people don't get what I do for my jobs. So this may take a while to explain but I am going to tell you or attempt to tell you what I do to contribute to society and my family. :-) So now I can say, go read my blog. :-)

Job #1 - I am an adjunct professor for two colleges Saint John Fisher and (SUNY)Potsdam College. Potsdam is also my Alma matter, thus in one part, kinda sorta, why I have the job with them now. A lot of people don't get how I can work for a college that is FOUR hours away, I have been asked if I commute, I have been asked if I drove all the way down here (meaning to Rochester), people don't get that I work remotely for them, sometimes even after I tell them they don't always get it. Now what exactly do I do for the colleges? I am a SUPERVISOR of student teachers. I get a new group of student teachers each semester, the following is a link to the website address for Fisher which lists all of my responsibilities, then times that by 2 for both colleges and that is what I do. However you should know that both colleges do have some variations in the assignments and requirements of what student teachers need to do and grading varies too. For instance Potsdam uses an online program called TaskStream in which students submit papers, lesson plans and so on and I go online and grade their work. So I also keep that all straight too. If you don't want to read the link above which is the comprehensive list (which I wouldn't blame you, its kinda long) Here is the shorter list of what I do:

  • Eight visits for each student teacher per a semester, 6 out of 8 are formal observations (a write up and meeting with the student teacher each time, plus four visits with the sponsor teacher and student teacher to go over a mid term and end term evaluation of the student teacher) Each student teacher has two placements a semester, one in a high needs school district and one in another school district if they are lucky.

  • Seven (2 hour) seminars for Fisher (not Potsdam here folks, I don't go up but I have once)

  • Meetings at Fisher for Supervisors Training

  • Read Journals via email, read lesson plans via email, (the student teacher needs to hand these in each week)

  • Grade Unit Plans, and other papers that show a student teacher is capable of understanding a student's work and analyzing that work.

  • Post Grades on TaskStream (Potsdam only)

  • I get paid by the student teacher, so the more I take on the more I make

  • I do get reimbursed for travel from both colleges

Job #2 is I work for the Rochester Museum and Science Center as a Technology Mentor. I help support Science Linkages' "Co-Explorers Everyday" program, designed to engage childcare providers and children in fun, high-quality, inquiry-based science, math and technology activities, however I only work as a Tech. Mentor, so I am involved in the tech. part of this program. I mentor 6 NYS licensed in home daycare providers, I make approximately 4 visits to each home, I work with children and the provider. I attend three all day workshops with all of the Providers where we train them in The Basics, The Internet and Software, to use in their childcare program. As part of the program they earn a refurbished computer from Micrecycle (another very cool program and resource I might add). They provide computers at a discounted rate to people who would like one. This is a contractual job.

So I currently have 6 daycare providers X approx. 4 visits each might be 5 = 24 plus

I also have 6 student teachers X 4 visits = 24 visits.

The semester if four months long, Sept. to Dec. 24+24=48 visits

Job#3 - Which I don't really count, but I'll throw it in for good measure because I do get paid for it and it takes time, I work at JoAnn Fabrics in Webster, I teach craft classes in jewelry making and polymer clay, I teach classes for kids and adults. This is a contractual job.

Job#4 - Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, House Cleaner, Menu Planner, Grocery Shopper, Chef in kitchen, Friend, Polymer Clay Guild Member, Church Goer...

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