Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bloopers and Blizzards

This was an ominous sun in the middle of the day, I took it through the window so the screen is showing. They are forecasting a MEGA amount of snow for tomorrow (Sunday). People are going nuts at the grocery stores here today!! I didn't have to go to the grocery store today, however I did have to go to the Post Office (lucky me) and no it wasn't to mail Christmas Cards, it was to mail work stuff. I think I was the ONLY person in line, not mailing something for Christmas. The line was crazy long, but it wasn't too bad about a half hour or so. They are saying BLIZZARD like conditions for tomorrow. I am glad I got my work stuff mailed out so I don't have to travel on Monday.
Did I mention that we celebrated Christmas today with A. and with my family? This is a picture of A's loot. Blooper: A. was opening a gift from Santa which was a book for the LEAP Pad and well, I said "Wow, mommy put a lot of tape on that!" Daddy gave me a look and I realized my blooper, I was laughing, so the book turned out to be from Mommy and Daddy. Ya know Christmas is where you hang your hat. Even though it wasn't technically Christmas Day, with all of our traditions it felt like it. It was nice.
Cool pic, I got my Mom in the mirror and my daughter looking at my Mom's Christmas village. My Mom is showing her which house is which.
Decorating a cookie for herself, that red bottle was GONE after about three cookies. Note: She has her pirate dress on again.

Still to come.....drum roll a future post I will tell you about what I got for Christmas from Dear Hubby. It is a crafters dream.


Shari said...

I think I know.... :)

Anonymous said...

YOU - kill me, you who had a hand in this endeavor! Guess I have no excuses now. :-) You have a good poker face by the way. I might have to teach scrapbooking and card making again eh?

Shari said...

:) Actually it is time to schedule again :( I didn't see the class content yet to see what's changing (I just have class names and lengths), but we have to get together soon to figure it out and schedule. I guess you'd rather I wait until after your adventure, huh?


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