Thursday, February 07, 2008

Travel Plans and Organizing...

Cabin Fever Clay Festival is sneaking up on me!!!! I can't believe all of the travel I've done, when it rains it pours right? Our family hadn't traveled in a good year and a half and all of a sudden two plane trips for me in two months - WOW, plus I just found out that we may go to Toronto in early March, we would drive there - oh how I long to go to IKEA :-). Maybe we should take the "family Truckster." (we can fit more stuff) Apparently you don't just yet need a passport. We have many other forms of ID that will work.

Update on the Beef Burgundy: This was SOOOO Easy to make and DH gave it an 8 out of 10. So I will definitely make this one again!!!! I love throwing everything in the crockpot and not having to worry about dinner, I was done with dinner at 8:15 am!!!! HOWEVER - if you are a vegetarian, I had trouble with the SMELL of this wafting through the house, so I had to get creative and found a place in our garage where is could cook. There are no tomatoes in this, just mushroom base and red wine. This was blogged here:

Update: I got new glasses today - they look almost identical to my old ones which I loved and I love the new ones too. Back in January I made a pact to try to take care of myself (imagine that) I said self you need to get to those dr. appointments you keep putting off etc. So I have been doing just that and eyes was one of them, HOWEVER I did not anticipate having four drs. appointments to try to get the contact lenses to fit good. I am on my third lense in one eye and second lense in the other plus when I go back next week, (Again - sigh) they ordered another new pair. Thank god I love my glasses in the meantime and thank god for insurance. My contacts when and if I ever get them are FREE through DH company, so why not right!? Here is the next HOWEVER, if I was working full time job I wouldn't be able to get to all of these appointments easily. In addition to those I also saw regular MD and I am now in PT two times a week for back pain, imagine taking a three year old to all of these, I do as much as I can on my one day she goes to daycare but there is a limit. I have to brag about DD though, she met my PT today for the first time and they are complete strangers right - so he is talking to her etc. and he had this to say about her: "Wow, she has a lot of personality with a little bit of drama thrown in AND she doesn't have any problem in the social skill area and she is NOT shy" (well she wasn't with him anyway - he had a super soft ball that she threw and hit him with twice, then she says "I was just teasing you." Oh boy. :-) I will say this, it was AWFULLY nice to hear, nice kind words about your kid from a complete stranger. That is just COOL! By the way, I have put off having hand surgery for 7 years now and my regular MD wants me to get that done too, so if anyone reading this whom lives in the Rochester NY area and knows of a good carpal tunnel surgeon, I would appreciate it if you could comment or email me at thanks much!

Over at she is doing a monthly organizational challenge to organize your kitchen, I did my first under the sink post blogged here: this is a cupboard that has really been bothering me lately and I wanted to give it some much needed attention.

So here is the BEFORE picture:
Many categories of stuff all mixed in together, candles, medicine, vitamins - you get the picture.
A.'s shelf will all of her cups, plus an almost empty bottle of Pepto, how nice.
The cull, toss, recycle pile!
Ahhhhh, the refreshing after photo!!!! Ironically that same night I needed some important medicine and have been able to find it with ease. Ahhhhh, much better.

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