Thursday, February 21, 2008

How was my trip to Cabin Fever Clay Festival...

Well it depends on what version you want.... I was the token sick germ walking around, I hate to say it but it was true, I believe I have the FLU and had the FLU on my trip too. John had the FLU on his time off and while he was taking care of A. So basically we had some VERY BAD timing!!!! Apparently I am not the only one go visit Polka Dot Creations, she is now in the same city/area that I just left and not feeling well either, I would have loved to have meet her. However I didn't go on to Synergy and that was a good thing considering my health and the health of my husband.

As far as the clay classes go I learned some cool stuff, even my roommate felt like she was running a marathon while we were there and she was healthy, so you can imagine how I felt. I had 12 hours of classes on Monday and 8 hours of classes on Tuesday, all while running a fever, coughing, and blowing my nose. On night two I had to get my own room because my cough was keeping my roommate up-so that was a big BUMMER. You don't even want to know the price tag on my room, because I kept my deal with my roommate, to split our room rate. I need to start selling stuff!!! Big Time!!!! It was basically double what I would have had to pay if I hadn't needed the extra room and I only used the extra room two nights not three, I was OK the first night and that was the *sympathy*rate, trust me (guy at front desk) he felt bad for me at 11:40am at night, he even gave me cough drops!

Here were the positives:

  • I saw my friend Debbie and that was great!!! She is doing really well (not teaching anymore) but doing volunteer work at museums and being a one room school house teacher etc. Her son is getting married this summer too.
  • I meet a lot of wonderful Polymer Clay teachers and I got to take classes from them.
  • Donna Kato signed both of my books, which I schlepped all the way there.
  • Nan Roche and Judy Picarello's classes I LOVED!!!!!!!!! They were definitely highlights for me!
  • I got some really cool zipper pulls from the swap even though I didn't make any since I didn't have time, I had only found out about the yahoo group and the swap a week prior to going. People were so generous. I got some cool zipper pulls.
  • My roommate and friend Ramona is easy going and fun to go on trips with, we get along really well. We also understand silence when we are exhausted at the end of the trip.
  • I even got a free counseling session - a long story - Rob from Polymer Clay Express understands, he is a great guy!!!! They had their store set up.
  • I got to see work from all sorts of people that attended the show and I bought a piece from Judy Picarello.
  • I meet people from all over the world Iris Mishly from Israel, her notes were so cool they were in Hebrew and looked like an art form all by themselves.! I meet two great women from Alaska whom had also left their husbands taking care of their kids, they were going on to Synergy as well. Wisconsin, Florida, Maryland, PA and so on...

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Shari said...

Bummer on getting sick. I remember one of those trips to Florida, in February, a hotel on the beach, balcony overlooking the Gulf, beautiful room to myself and I was SICK the whole time. Anyway, I'm trying to live in a bubble until 3/3, so please be well before I see you again :)


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