Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am moving into a BUNKER....

I am still sick!!! Apparently my flu bug decided to turn into a nice little sinus infection. I can live with the flu and make it through without a drs. visit but this sinus headache forget it - I need to be seen. (BTW did you know that the flu and I that John and I had was not the one that the flu shot covered?, apparently there is a strain going around that the flu shot didn't cover. Also the researchers whom make the flu shot are starting to look at it differently so that it will not only cover just a strain but a more wide variety of such - good eh?)

So going to my general practitioner- just didn't fit into my schedule today, not that I did ANYTHING today other than lay around and feel guilty about how much TV time my DD had. However my DH went to work and I took care of her best I could, when he got home he took her to her dance class and then I was free to go do my thing, so off to URGENT care I went, my second visit to this one. There were three mothers there along with me. At least this way I didn't have to schlep my daughter with me (all in all it took about 2 hours). BTW this is my night off, we were suppose to have MOPS tonight and that got cancelled partially due to me, dang we have a really great craft project too.

Long story short I have a sinus infection and have already spent 50 bucks on it, the copay, the meds etc.

I want to move myself and my family into a little bunker, bubble, with no germs for the next 6 weeks until spring gets here for good!!!!

OK enough of my woes. I WON something!!!!!! from whiMSy love She had a contest for her One year Blogging anniversary and I won a watercolor cupcake print of my own choosing!!!! I choose Ballerina Princess Cupcake because I want to frame it and put it in Ashley's room. Check out her Etsy shop at She has some great stuff!!

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