Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Here are some pictures to go along with my Menu Plan Monday. I have always menu planned doing it on the blog is just an added bonus. I decided to change things up this week a bit and I went to my resources for help. I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but I still make meat meals for my daughter and husband.
My friend Paula gave me a copy of this recipe for Easy Beef Burgundy - it looks so easy and it is a crook pot meal, which is great, I will make this for John soon, since I bought the beef today.
My SIL gave me this book for X-mas and I picked out a few things for Ashley and I to do, mostly breakfast drinks that we can do in the blender together, breakfast seems to be the same old, same old so this will be great, I told her tonight that tomorrow am we will be doing something different for breakfast and that it would taste like a milk shake.
Monday 2/4 - The Pigs in a Blanket above came from my Marching Band Cook Book circa 1989. A. had a ball making these with me tonight, she put the cheese in each one and rolled the biscuit around the dog, they were so easy to make too. Although she didn't like to eat the blanket part at dinner, she did like the cheese and ate the whole hot dog with ketchup to dip in. If you are wondering what I had, I had leftover No Clam Clam Chowder, which I should really post the recipe here since it is a great one. Also I need to post the recipe for my Artichoke Dip that I took to the Super Bowl Party, it is the best recipe for Artichoke Dip ever! Every time I take it to a party it is devoured and I never bring any home.

Ingredients for the above recipe, there were four hot dogs left over to either freeze for another time or have this week.
Tuesday - Beef Burgundy in the Crockpot
Wednesday - Tortellini with sauce, garlic bread and green beans
Thursday - Lentil Casserole (from my book above, this one is for me!!!!! :-) )
Friday - This weeks frozen food meal is going to be a little different, instead of buying three frozen food meals I bought - Mrs. T Pierogies, potato and onion kind and we will all have those
Saturday - Mac and Cheese from the PASTA cookbook
Sunday - Either Belgian Waffles or homemade pizza in the bread maker (By the way, if you LOVE pizza and want to make a healthier version, making your own dough in a breadmaker is easy plus you can make it with wheat flour. Plus there is so much less fat, oil/grease since you are making it yourself.
Here is the link to the lady whom started the MPM and you can see over 200 meal plans for the week:

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