Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday and Meet The Spartans

Our neighbors threw a nice Super Bowl Party last night. They made a cake that was in the shape of a football field and had a "play" on it, made out of M&Ms and the field goal posts were made out of Twizzlers -very cute. Come to think of it I should have taken a picture of it for my blog. We were having a lot of fun at the party but I had to leave early to put A. to bed. I think she crashed around 8:30 pm after a VERY busy day for her. I managed to watch the last few minutes of the Super Bowl and I had a great time watching it, it was fun and exciting, the Giants made a last touch down and it was really exciting. That was the most football I've watched all season but I am glad I saw it. After all I do live in NY and the Giants are from NY so why not cheer for the underdogs that gave the upset! :-) As a mater of fact when I had a piece of that cake I ate the Giants blue endzone piece and my neighbor, Jason asked me if that was because I was routeing for them, well I guess that was the case. :-) Oh I should also mention at the party I had my first experience playing with a Wii - very fun I might add!

On Saturday a friend of mine watched A. in the am and well that was supposed to be Mommy time and I had it all planned out - go to JoAnn's and do the shopping for some projects I have planned, well we all know what happens to the best laid plans right! So DH ended up joining me on my time, because his truck was at the dealership, so we decided to see what was playing at 10:30am (instead of me dragging him to JoAnn's where we both probably would have been miserable) It turns out that Meet The Spartans was playing (Barb, where is Jay when I need him? :-) It is a spoof on the movie 300 which John just watched with his friend Jay. So I didn't know this going in and a few minutes in John tells me this. Now I hadn't seen 300 but that didn't matter. I actually really liked this movie and found it funny and entertaining, it is stupid humor and the kind of movie that you sit there and say "Am I really watching this?" John and I both agreed they must have had a ton of fun making this movie, I enjoyed the references to American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and a Paris Hilton spoof where she calls Nicole and Nicole says I had an almond to eat today and Paris informs her that she is done eating for the day then. Oh boy!

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