Sunday, February 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Yes it is almost Saturday and I am posting my menu plan, however I did have a plan and I have been following it all week, thank god, because A. has been sick - the plan makes things easier when things aren't normal in your family. I always put the list on the fridge or nearby. I list all of the meals for each day, then I go grocery shopping to make sure I get what I need for each meal. This has been making my bill less too. I don't get too worried if I don't have Monday's meal on Monday night. I have to be flexible with a busy family life. For instance my daughter started Dance this week and it is from 5:30pm-6:05pm and this makes life interesting at dinner so we had unplanned grilled cheese that night.
I do want to share that I found this AWESOME recipe in my Good and Easy Betty Crocker Cookbook, which I have been using this week for a Tex Mex Minestrone here is a photo of it:
It was soooooo easy, it involved 1 package frozen garlic pasta with veggies, one jar of salsa, beans and you basically put it all in the pot and let it simmer, I honestly didn't think the frozen food could taste this good. DH gave it a 7/10 and I gave it a 8/10. I will definitely make this again, plus it is vegetarian for moi so the fact that DH liked it was a big plus in my book.

These chips were the light ones and I thought they tasted great, they come in a blue and white package and they say 1/3 less fat I believe.
PS I still love my dark blue Fiesta Ware I got for my wedding, still going strong after 8 plus years!
French Toast Home Made
Italian Veggie Soup pg. 292 and Ceasar Salad
Veggie Rice Skillet Pg. 254
Rice and Cheese Casserole Pg. 254
Couscous, Salad and Breadsticks
Tex Mex Soup pg. 298
Leftovers (I leave on my trip)
Please don't worry about DH because he is going to be well taken care of, my mom is having him and A. over for dinner and some Nascar on this night, plus on Mon. he is going to our neighbor D.'s for dinner. Hmmmm sounds like a real hard ship when I am gone eh? So that leaves him only one night that he takes care of and I can already tell you what that will be. He will take A. to McDonald's - you mark my words, I will let you know what happens when I get back.

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