Monday, January 07, 2008

Polymer Clay Business...

I had a first for my Polymer Clay Business today. A lady I had met at a craft show back in November, whom sells beaded jewelry and some sewn stuff too - came to my house to buy some beads from me for her jewelry. I have a ton of polymer clay beads and stuff that is not yet finished for many reasons, one I have a two year old, two I like to try new techniques all the time and I just keep trying the clay techniques and don't always take the time to finish my bead work into necklaces and jewelry etc. Let me back up and tell you that we were supposed to trade because at the craft sale I got my daughter a fleece red riding hood type jacket, with hood, pink and very cute, so I told her to see what she wanted off of my table and she said she would like some beads. So I OWED her! And she liked my work so much that she ended up buying from me!!!!

A note on price point for wholesaling your work, she asked me how much and since I have NEVER done this type of selling before, I didn't really know. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, some pieces have more work than others but I just gave her a flat rate for all. She said she had a friend that may be interested in my work too - yahoo. Its great to have new stuff happening for my business, and taking it in a direction that I hadn't really thought of too. I like the idea that my work will not be sitting around any longer and that someone else can create nice pieces with it. However there is also that loss of control of what will happen to my work as well. But it is all good, I am very happy with what happened today and look forward to selling this way more.

By the way anyone interested in more information on this topic, I have been enjoying another blog by another Polymer Clay artist called Artreprenuer; The Collison of Art and Business. She sells beautiful polymer clay cranes that she makes, however she also offers her thoughts on being an artist and running a business. Check out the link by clicking on the highlighted title I made for you above, you will love her cranes!

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