Friday, January 18, 2008

Crafty Caslte Day...

Last night at 9pm-ish I was approached by DH and he said "Hey do you want to do a craft project with me?" Hmmm, well I was all snuggled into the couch and catching up on other blogs I like to read and well, I didn't really say YES right away. So then DH says "It will keep her busy all day tomorrow!" Me: "OK I'm in!" I jump to my feet and say "What are we going to do?" You can see the results of Ashley's Palace in the pictures...wouldn't Donna Dewberry be proud of my One Stroke painting (kidding, hee hee). Let's just say this was a great idea and DD did play and play in it today. Plus it comes complete with a potty inside!!! Which she used!!! :-)
The hot water heater saves the day again!!!!!!


Ramona said...

Did you know that the cardboard box was put into some toy museum as one of the most popular toys ever? Seems like Ashley had a great time! Love the pic with just her face showing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chica, I did not know that - how funny though!! Thanks for popping in to see my blog.
Can't wait to see that craft room!!
You are making me think about mine now too!


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