Monday, January 28, 2008

Love my friends...

About our group of friends, a week or so ago we had a small birthday party for my daughter at Chuck E. Cheese's with her friends. We live near a large city and we have two Chuck E. Cheese's in the area. Plus I picked a Sunday night thinking it was less busy. We had never been before, except over Christmas vacation to the one in Bowling Green Kentucky (which was a really nice experience). Basically I love my friends, here is why

Friend #1 - has three boys and is pregnant with a fourth (she came with a smile on her face) plus DH came too
Friend #2 - has a newborn and a toddler (she came with a smile on her face and even had to breast feed the baby there) DH couldn't make it, but we all chipped in a helped out with both the toddler and the newborn.
Friend #3 - has a toddler (she came with a smile on her face) DH came too

What I want to say is it isn't always easy dragging your kids out to a birthday party in the middle of winter and the space was crowded and tight for the adults. It was very busy there that night. I just want to say thanks to all of my friends and let them know that John and I have chosen not to do that again. Thanks friends and thanks for coming with a smile on your face - I'll be at your kid's party no matter where it is. Laura :-)

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