Thursday, January 17, 2008

Living on the edge...

We decided to go ahead and have a plumbing company install a new hot water heater and sump pump, both of which have never been replaced at our house to the best of our knowledge. The were both about 10 years old. However the plumber discovered that our hot water heater had started to leak due to some rust at the bottom of it (one disaster diverted, as our basement is partially finished and we don't want to ruin the flooring.) Then he did the sump pump and we had an emergency back up sump pump, however he discovered that the back up wasn't working probably due to the fact that the battery was dead (another disaster diverted). Although it will put a dent in the check book we are happy we replaced both. Not only did we replace the pump we also opted for a special emergency back up that runs on water power and we never have to worry about having a charged battery back up - nice! It actually taps into the home water system before the shut off valve, so you can still shut the water off to the whole house and it will still work - neat!
Better pictures of the guitar that John is building...
He is building the neck from scratch too, which is proving to be a bit challenging, under the black area is a grove with a metal rod in the neck to help keep the neck from warping, all guitars have this ( I did not know that - until now).
The neck with another groove, that will later be covered up.
A good picture of the wood grain.

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