Monday, January 02, 2012

Weekly Goals.....

My Goals for the first week of the New Year 2012 -
Remember this post on No New Year's Resolutions? Here are my goals as promised!
Health -

(I am getting over bronchitis from last week. It hit me hard.)

Multi Vit. Daily

Emergency C or Airborne Daily

Water Daily

If stamina is built back up begin Zumba

Family -

Plan date night with husband, arrange babysitter

Plan time with Mom

Special time with Daughter - Girl Scout meeting

Organizing -

Update Calendar - B-days etc.

Daughter - back to school/calendar etc.

Girl Scout materials gather in one place (again!)

Meal Plan/Coupons

Grocery Shop

Volunteering -

Plan Girl Scout Meeting with co-leaders Tues PM

Implement meeting Thurs. PM

Prepare craft idea for Sun. for MOMS group

Friends -

Schedule Dinner out

Schedule Breakfast out

Send thank you notes to those whom helped me through being sick last week

Read -

Read more and less FB and TV news

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