Saturday, January 07, 2012

How I (not so much) accomplished my goals for the week...

Almost Sunday and time to review my goals for the week. The deal is I was VERY sick the past two weeks. I had viral bronchitis that turned bacterial, plus two trips to urgent care = a MUCH needed Z-pack and ME finally feeling better. So needless to say my goals were seriously put on hold and many will forward on to the next week. As my friend said to me, "It makes you appreciate your health more." So true!!!!! So with a bit of a laugh and chuckle let's see how I did on my goals:

My Goals for the first week of the New Year 2012 -

Remember this post on No New Year's Resolutions? Here are my goals as promised!

Health -

Multi Vit. Daily

Emergency C or Airborne Daily

Water Daily
If stamina is built back up begin Zumba

Family -

Plan date night with husband, arrange babysitter

Plan time with Mom

Special time with Daughter - Girl Scout meeting

Organizing -

Update Calendar - B-days etc.

Daughter - back to school/calendar etc.

Girl Scout materials gather in one place (again!)
Meal Plan/Coupons

Grocery Shop

Volunteering -

Plan Girl Scout Meeting with co-leaders Tues PM

Implement meeting Thurs. PM

Prepare craft idea for Sun. for MOMS group

Friends -

Schedule Dinner out

Schedule Breakfast out

Send thank you notes to those whom helped me through being sick last week

Read -

Read more and less FB and TV news

So there you have it, not great for the first week, yet not bad for being down and out sick! So here is to next week feeling better and hoping to accomplish more. I will have a tutorial coming soon. I made a Valentine Topiary for my MOMS group and I will share that with you! I am also finishing up the book What Got You Here Wont Get You There, from my book list and I hope to publish a review for you too.


Amber said...

Hey Laura! I'm visiting from Money Saving Mom! I am totally with you on less TV news. I am a news junkie and it isn't good for my blood pressure! Glad to see you're feeling better!

Laura said...

Amber, I can very much relate to you! I am a news junkie too!!!! I just checked FB and my blog and guess what the 11 o'clock news is on! Multitasking :-).


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