Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goal Setting for the New Year, instead of Resolutions!!!!!!!

I love Money Saving Mom's Weekly Goal Planning Sheet for so many reasons. One of those reasons is my biggest pet peeve about starting a new year is, New Year's Resolutions. I just feel they set WAY too many people up for disappointment. I personally like the idea of smaller achievable goal setting (which is what this is). I love the whole idea and I feel so much better on the weeks that I use one of these sheets and it really is SO simply. Another thing I love about the sheet is YOU create your own categories!!! So if you want to create a goal in your family life, personal life, whatever it is you can add it. Try this for ONE week, I do not think that you will be disappointed. In an upcoming blog post I will also share my goals with you and then revisit them in one week.

Here are some examples of my weekly goals:
Category: Family
Spend more time with my mom
Go on a date night with my husband (plan and organize)
Be in the moment and play with my daughter, or go on a date with my daughter

Category: Health
Take three walks this week.
Take a multi. vit. and Emergency C to help my immune system.

Now I know these sound so simply but if I make them goals and I achieve them by the end of the week, I truly feel better about my accomplishments. On a personal note since my Dad died, the only thing I look back on with him is that I wished I could have spent more time with him.


MomsHaveFun said...

Thanks for sharing your tips Laura. I love how you tell your secrets to living a happy life in this blog. Time with loved ones can never be bought and they are priceless. May your memories of your father live in you forever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Moms Have Fun,

Thank you for your comment. Hope I can help others too in a small way. You are SO right time with others can not be bought!

:-) Laura

Anonymous said...

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