Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey Now, Hey Now, Oiko, Oiko....

My car: I wish I had some exciting news for you like I got the VW Beetle with convertible option. However it just isn't that exciting, I got the current car I own. Yup, told ya not that exciting. After looking at many options, it wasn't clear until we did the research on our own that our best bet would be to buy the lease outright, plus we know how the car has been driven etc.Of COURSE the sales people do not mention that a buy out may be your best/cheapest option!

My surgery is one week from today. I will be having carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand and yes I am right handed. I am suppose to have my left hand done too at some point. It is same day surgery in and out. I get to get some good drugs though. I can't drive myself home because it would be considered a DUI in NYS. So I need a ride, any volunteers? I am especially looking to travel in a VW Beetle Bug. JUST Kidding, DH will be available for that, well not in a Bug but in the "Family Truckster".

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