Monday, July 28, 2008

carpal tunnel surgery...

had surgery on Fri. kinda hard to type one handed, lots to say however a bit disabled right now...check back soon---typed with left hand :-)


shari said...

Hey there... how is the pain? I just tried to call but realized my phone connection sucks big-time, so better to not do that.

Did all go well? I've got a Jewelry 101 class coming up for you and had someone else in looking to sign up 4 for the 101 class as well. She's consulting w/ the others as to which time works. Demo'd jewelry-making on Saturday and may have reeled in a few more.

As usual, it's time again to do a schedule. It's got to be in earlier than normal and I may be commuting to Seneca Falls a few days next week for another job, so I gotta pull it together THIS WEEK! You'll be getting a call very soon!

Did you read my blog? I'm down 117 now!

Ramona said...

Hey Laura,
Hope you're healing well. What an interesting contraption those hand foam things are that you get at the hospital. Ashley looks soooo funny in that! That little foamhead!I'm getting a basket together of polymer clay items to give at Heritage's race. We were really low on prizes so I thought I'd help out. Take care!!


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