Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back from Mystic Conn.

Right before we left a package came in the mail from Ashley's Nana!
I took a ton of photos about the ship the Charles W. Morgan, one because I have an interest and two for my Book Club since I picked a book by Nataniel Philbrick called In The Heart of The Sea, he also wrote The Mayflower.
This ship also refeered to as "The Morgan" is the ONLY whaling ship left today.
In the 80's as if you couldn't figure that one out from the dress, they started to restore The Morgan. Today she sits at Mystic Seaport. I have a ton more pics of when I was on her too. In November they will actually be lifting the whole ship out of the water to restore the hull. I told John I wish we could see them do that.
This weather vane just spoke to me!!!!!

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