Sunday, July 20, 2008

Built By Wendy 3835

Here is my version of the Built By Wendy Simplicity Pattern #3835. This is my second attempt. My first attempt isn't finished just yet, due to the fact that I found I had to go up 3 WHOLE sizes from what I usually wear, definitely if you are thinking of making this go by the MEASUREMENTS on the pattern and NOT by the size you normally wear. I've made two more since this one and also worked more on the first one. I really like the print on this one and how it turned out. While it does fit me the elastic on the neck I may have made too tight because the shirt feels like it is riding up towards my neck. Also while the elastic in the sleeves is VERY cute on this pattern, it drives me NUTS on my arms. I am not used to elastic on my arms. When I post the pictures of the other two, you will see that I left the elastic out.
I've also learned that with this pattern, the back calls to be cut out of TWO pieces, this is because of the other two dresses that you can make with the pattern call for an inserted zipper. SO I looked online and you CAN cut the back out on the fold which made more sense to me. SO I will do that next time. The pattern doesn't seem to explain that anywhere, unless I missed something. I now have three completed Built By Wendy shirts. I will post pics of the others for you too. I will probably give this one away. The first one is already going to a skinny winny lady in my book club who happened to be at my house when I was making it and I had her try it on. This one may go to another lady in my book club. Any takers? The print.

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