Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Fun Links

To have some Christmas fun, go to this link called Portable North Pole TV. Anyone can fill out the info. and send one to anyone else. For instance I sent one to my 6 year old daughter, it allows you to enter their info and one thing that they want for Christmas, you can select if they were naughty or nice, enter your email and then you will be sent an email message with a link to the video of Santa talking to you from the North Pole, this is SUPER cute!!!! You can also send one to another adult in your life. As a joke you could select naughty list for them.

The second fun link for you is you can track where Santa is. You can watch short video clips of where he is. This is super cute and educational as far as geography and landmarks are concerned. It is also fun to watch the world fill up with presents. It was fun for my 6 year old and I to watch him get closer and closer before she went to bed. Don't worry he doesn't come until around midnight!

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