Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick or Treat weekend...

Miss A. wanted a scary face on her Jack 'O Lantern.
Miss A. as Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse Club House.
Crafty Note: My mom made the dress and we used some fabric that was on clearance at JoAnns. Plus I made the ears out of felt glued to a head band and my mom made the bow, I just fabric tacked it all to the head band.
Pictured here are Miss A's trick or treater friends, Word Girl and Dragon. Plus my friend was an M&M.
Minnie Mouse and Dragon, note Minnie's pink sparkly shoes!


Mary Ann said...

VERY cute!! Did your mom tell you I saw her at the craft fair?

joanie said...

Ashley was so cute..As was the M&M!!


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