Thursday, November 20, 2008

My "me time"

It has been an interesting week. I have been sick, DD has been sick and the snow has started to really fly!!!

Tonight I decided to head to the YMCA for some "me time". I wanted to do a light work out since I was down and out yesterday. So I arrive for my "me time" AND I find a FIVE YEAR OLD standing alone OUTSIDE the doors, saying "Mommy!!!" I look around and see a few people leaving but no one concerned about this little guy. He had tears in his eyes. I said to him, "Ok, buddy lets go back inside." Since the front desk is right there I took him over and told the lady I found him outside and Mom is not in sight. So we get his name, William and she looks him up on the computer and finds the pic of his Mom, so the lady was going to take William and go look for Mom and I said instead of taking him how bout I go look for her. So I studied her pic on computer screen and I went and found her. I explained that I found her son OUTSIDE (mind you it is 30 degrees and snowing here). She VERY NON CHALANTLY said "Oh, I thought he was playing right here." And then proceeds to walk to the front desk, SLOWLY. Oh boy, and mind you I have no idea where her six year old daughter was. Maybe she was playing in the right area. But she wasn't with us.

And to top that I heard a mom in Target say to her child,

Child Says: Mom this is only one dollar.
Mom: Stop reading! You might get smart by accident!!!!!!!!

Me thinking to self: WOW, WOW, WOW,

WHY ME????? :-)

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Ramona said...

Some people just don't care about stuff like that until something horrible happens. Then, they're sorry.
I can't wait to play with my new serger and teach you too!!!!!! I probably won't take a class until January. One thing the woman at Joann's said is that a serger takes your sewing to a different level. So, don't be scared, I'll help you!!!!!


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