Monday, September 15, 2008

The Plate....

Ok so in real life the hair covers the ears......It was A's idea to do the cheeks. Tomorrow is the first day for both of us, I am an aide in the room on the first day. I get to see all the kiddos in their cute little first day clothes!
Gift from Nana in the mail,,,it's a boat to build and paint with DAD!!!
You can do it Dad!
Camp Abbett, last weekend we had some friends out to our land. Balloons are no fail entertainment for the kids! in the background above that is our outhouse that we built. Below two cutie pies. In both you can see our fenced in garden which has pumpkins growing in it. By the way you wouldn't know it by looking at this picture but A got stung by 7 yellow jackets just a few hours earlier than this. Luckily we avoided the hospital and I had Children's Benadryl in the camper.

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