Friday, August 22, 2008

Sheriff encounter...

I bonked heads with a Sheriff today! I am not kidding, it is true, this really happened. Now you are probably wondering how, no I wasn't pulled over (I've never been pulled over in my entire life!) I stopped at a Fire Department for a free Car Seat Safety Check. Two Sheriff's were working with me and filled out paper work, they made sure the seat wasn't recalled or expired. I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I was secretly hoping they would give me a new one for free, they were giving free ones away. That didn't happen, when A. gains five more pounds I have to get her a different one. So they made me install the seat after they showed me how. And they were both in the back seat and the one was leaning way in the car and when I leaned forward our heads bonked! Ow! A.wasn't with me so they gave me a doll about her size. Then a third Sheriff came and inspected the seat and said I did a really good job. Well I had the hurt head Sheriff help since my right hand is still gaining strength back. :-)

Have a nice weekend everyone. We are not going to our land so it will be an "at home" weekend for me. I will be going to preview day at JOAnns tomorrow, the classes are on sale this weekend! 25% off.

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