Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Festivities.....

On Thursday night I had thrown myself a birthday party. I had some girlfriends come over and we did a make up make over with my friend whom does Mary Kay. Then we went to my favorite restaurant of all time Proietti's. Then we came back to my house to sit in my hot tub.

My before shot above which I kinda like, it is hard for me to smile without teeth! :-) Below is my after shot. I went for the "Dramatic" makeup look. It is definitely a bit more than I would ever do but it was fun. Everyone looked really good!!!

Here is a picture of all of us! Look at those fabulous faces! That is me bottom right. The girls surprised me with paying for my dinner!!!!
OK something happened when we got to the restaurant but NO I wasn't parked illegally it just looked like it.

Then last night I went out with the girls again, we saw Mama Mia and closed down Starbucks. I thought Mama Mia the movie was good, however I also saw the show in Toronto which I LOVED!

I also went to Starbucks last Tuesday night with my book club and closed down Starbucks. So I got to get out THREE times in one week with the girls!!!! Wahooo.

Tomorrow is my real birthday and we are going to our land. It has definitely been a great Birthday week. Thanks for all of my cards and well wishes. Stac you get the award for the funniest card!

Plus I got a KICKIN' B-DAY present from Dear Hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned and I will tell you more in an upcoming blogpost.


Mary Ann said...

Sorry I missed out on all the fun! Looks like you guys had a great time. Really need to do something about these karate classes... :(

joanie said...

Happy belated birthday.. looks like you had a great time..

Anonymous said...

thanks ladies, Mary Ann, I understand the commitment to Karate - John did it for about a year until he hurt his back and then had to stop. Someone else in book club will need to do another party, when is your b-day?


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