Monday, August 25, 2008


It's in the mail folks..... This was in my email today:
Dear Laura, Your Discover Card has been activated and your Garmin Nuvi 200 was shipped on 08/25/2008. Your package will be shipped by Amazon, via UPS under the company name Credit Offers Network.

How cool is that????? :-)

I had some skeptics out there, that I could apply for a credit card, get it approved, use it and then get a free GPS. Well it worked! It said to wait 6-10 weeks and I did. 6 weeks to the date, I got this email. If you are interested go to
This is the link I used and it worked, you just have to be patient.


shari said...

Cool.. We got Shaun one for Christmas - just before her jaunt to TX. Seems she's really been using it a lot, despite the fact that she LIKES to get a little lost and ask for help. Figures asking locals for the nearest/best whatever is more likely to give her local flavor than relying on technology. She's "home" now and I was alloted 9am-noon on Sunday for a visit. It was good to see her again.

BTW, that blog I was telling youabout is: I'm wanting an ice cream maker now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari, I checked out the egg face blog last night, I actually remembered what you said and went to your blog roll, love to try some of those recipes!!! How was Shaun's reaction? I didn't see you at sit and knit today, A. and I happened to be in the library again on a Monday afternoon.

shari said...

Shaun had a bad dream the night before that she didn't notice a difference (as if that's possible) but she was very positive. I didn't end up seeing her Saturday. Sunday we visited w/ her friend Steph, then grabbed b-fast at Wegmans, went to see Steph's mom, see Steph's baby (who had spent the night at grandma's house) then went to Fairport Village Coffee for tea before she took off for PA. We didn't get to go for a walk together, but I did walk along the canal for a while after she left. Tonight was her first day back at grad school. Puppy is getting slightly better - she's got severe anemia, now on steroids and switched antibiotics in case she picked up some tick-bourne something when we were in the woods down in PA.

I was at the library today, but only for a little bit - had to leave to go to the vet for more meds and then to Chuck's doc.


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