Friday, August 08, 2008

one new hand, one to go...

I have use of my hand back!!!!! I got my stitches out yesterday! She told me to not fall on it. Well I wasn't planning a fall on it. Anyway I want to get back into crafting something but I don't know what. The wrist was stabilized for two weeks and I can finally move it so it is still a bit weak right now. I can drive again too, which is soooo nice! I need to think of what craft I can do that won't kill my hand. I measured my incision with my measuring tape, it is exactly an inch and three quarters, it is on the bottom of my palm.


shari said...


Gee, jewelry making (101) and bandana checkers come to
mind pretty quickly. :) LMK if you want any help on Tuesday.

Doesn't that feel great when you start to have use back? Before my wrist surgery, I made it clear to the doc that knitting is my priority, and he'd better let me get back to it pronto. I would knit DURING my doc appointment, including the day they did the cortisone shot. After the surgery, I didn't mind him saying very limited typing, which meant 4 wks off of work, but I did mind the short term limits on crafting.

Do you have any PT or exercises to do? Have to wear a brace at all? I remember wanting the brace at times that I thought might be a little risky - picking and choosing the right times to use it and to protect it. I particularly wanted to protect it at night so I didn't lay on it, twist it or push up from it stupidly while I was either asleep or barely awake.

Laura said...

Hey Shari, How are ya? Do you have kids in B. Checkers too?

They didn't give me any exercises or PT so I guess I am doing good, they didn't say anything about typing either. No brace, but kept the ace and can wrap if I want to. May wrap for the classes, so I don't gross people out.

shari said...

Yep, people in both.. only one for papercrafting though. I think we have some for the 21st as well, but I can't think that far ahead right now.


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