Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Since I am the Crafty MOPS chica and it is my charge to come up with the craft for each month. So I've decided that with the end of the school year approaching everyone always needs a thank you gift for one reason or another, a teacher, teacher's aide, pre-school teacher, and so on. So we are each going to make a "Gift in a Jar" 2 to be exact and we will also be making two handmade thank you cards to coordinate. We will have two recipes for your jars, one is and M and M one and the other is a Dreamsicle Bar recipe which include Tang. Yum Yum and soooo fun. I bought jars then found out my mom had a whole bunch so I may be able to take the jars I bought back and use hers for free! Just need to buy the lids.
This is the picture of the book that I am getting the idea from. I'm not sure why it posted sideways.

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